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My blog doesn't live here anymore...

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 11:21
It's been about six months since I've posted here regularly, so I think it's about time to admit that this blog is dead. I keep my LJ account because I participate in some communities and I like to read the posts in my friend stream, but you won't see any new posts here.

If you simply MUST know what's going on in my life, I'd invite you to visit The Lactivist Blog or to subscribe to the feed for my bento blog - Bento Yum.

Got a Boring Lunch? Bento Yum it Up!

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Bento #40-#43 (Plus New Bento Set!)

Posted on 2007.06.20 at 23:49
Still in computer hell, and still running about five bentos behind, but had a few moments before bed to post these ones...

Larger pics and full details by clicking on the bento name or the photo...

Bento #40 - Toddler Bento

Bento #41, #42, #43 - Picnic lunch for me, Elnora and Emmitt...

New Bento Gear!

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Bento Mania!

Posted on 2007.05.12 at 16:35
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Just started getting into bento a few weeks ago but only had a Mr. Bento and some random things I found to use for sauce containers. I'd been craving REAL bento supplies, but being stuck in Central Ohio, there's not much to be found. (and eBay is insanely expensive)

One of my Lactivist blog readers lives in Japan though and was kind enough to go shopping for me. She spent about $60 on bento supplies (and another $55 to ship, eek!) but hey, I pretty much never splurge on fun stuff for me. :) Besides, Greg says that bento has made his lunch much more fun than it usually is, so it's giving both of us a little extra joy.

Here's what she sent:

7 Bentos, 2 snack boxes and a napkin holder...

Tons of accessories...

To break it down to more detailed info...

Above: 3pk animal stencils, tulip shaped hot dog cutter, 3 pk of onigiri molds (bear, boy, boy), 3 pk sushi roll mold, tiny metal cutters (dog, car, fish) and small plastic cutters (bear, rabbit, dog.) The metal containers says "The best excellent food is homemade cakes in the after" on the packaging. :)

Above: Four pack of animal sauce containers, two fruit spread containers, Mr. Monkey and Ms. Monkey mayo containers, two shaker bottles.

Above: Box of sushi grass, 80ct triangle foil dividers, 25ct oblong divider, 15ct mini heart foils, two packs of cute animal food dividers.

Above: Two water bottle wraps (one with a shoulder strap), two sets of napkins (one says "loverly strawberry"), straw cleaners, twisty straws, Hello Kitty twisty straw, a Hello Kitty cup and a screw on lid that turns any water bottle into a squeeze bottle.

Above: Orange two-tier bento with mini-chopsticks in the lid and an orange bento belt.

I have no idea what the capacity is (I'd guess about 450ml total) or if it's microwave safe.

Above: Each box is 340 ml and oddly, they'll stack on top of each other. Microwave save without the lids.

The box on the left reads:
"Thank you god. I'm so grateful for having made friends with Rascal, my precious friend."

Above: Snap-tight lid with two dividers inside. (360ml capacity, microwave safe) So glad she found this, I really wanted a HK bento for Elnora for play date days.

Above: Side snap lid for two-tier bento. No idea what the capacity is (or if it's microwave safe.)

Above: My absolute favorite of the boxes. Front says: "We are passionate about lunch communication. The lunch is a good day pastime." 500ml capacity, microwave safe.

Box is sitting on the napkin that wraps around it.

Above: 2 tier "Lube Sheep" (ROTFL!) blue box with dragon fly design.

Top tier 330ml
Bottom tier 250ml
Total: 570ml
Microwave safe without the lids

Above: Two "Wonder Leo and Cutie Monkey" snack boxes. 220 ml each. Ku-Ma, Wanco, Pyonta napkin box.

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Fire Can't Melt Steel

Posted on 2007.05.02 at 18:23
(Because Judy asked if this blog was dead and while the answer is yes, I figured I'd post anyway.)

Ran across this quote today. It's about a month late, but it's still worth posting.

From http://www.popularmechanics.com/blogs/911myths/4213805.htmlPopular Mechanics...a quote from Rosie O'Donnel while she was ranting on The View:

"While saying she didn’t know what to believe about the U.S. government’s involvement in the attacks of Sept. 11, she said, “I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics that World Trade Center tower 7—building 7, which collapsed in on itself—it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved. World Trade Center 7. World Trade [Center] 1 and 2 got hit by planes—7, miraculously, the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible.”"

Why yes Rosie, it IS impossible for fire to melt steel.

We know this is true because we have to hire people to harvest the steel girders that grow spontaneously in nature...

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Rats...Jury Duty

Posted on 2006.11.22 at 10:57
Rats...but not in the way you think.

I have ALWAYS wanted to serve on a jury. I think it sounds interesting and it would be neat to get to see the court system at work. Unfortunately, the only time I ever got called was while in college (and I was called for a jury up in the Youngstown area) so I wasn't able to go.

Until this week. Yep...I voted, I got called for jury duty. Unfortunately, this is a time period when I simply cannot serve on a jury. Apart from being self-employed and dealing with the financial hardship of going (though we could deal with that as long as it wasn't a super-long trial), I'm the primary caregiver of two children two and under. Even that *might* be doable if I could convince my mom to come down four times over the next four months in case I had to go.

But I'm also a nursing mom. That pretty much knocks me out of the ability to go. Emmitt will not yet take a bottle...and it's actually not uncommon for breastfed babies to forever refuse the bottle. (Which obviously makes it difficult to be separated.) Even if he would take a bottle, there's the issue of having to take a 15 minute break every 2-3 hours to express milk and then finding a place to store it. It's just not practical.

Thankfully, up here in Delaware county, being a nursing mother of a child under the age of 2 is "viable reason" to be excused from duty. I just called in and they said to simply fill out the forms and to make note that I needed to be excused for the above reason and that they'd give me no problem. Kudos to Delaware county by the way for understanding the needs of nursing families.

So I guess I have to hope that maybe in five years or so I'll get called again and can actually go serve.

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Nurse-In in today's Dispatch

Posted on 2006.11.22 at 09:10
Haven't seen the print version yet, but Dennis tells me that it's the top story of the Metro section with a huge picture. Yay!

Here's a link to the print version of the story.

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The protest went well...

Posted on 2006.11.21 at 19:09
Well, the kids and I made the AP Wire. It turns out that about 800 moms gathered at 36 airports across the country. It's all over the news, including great coverage on NBC4 and Channel 10 news here in Columbus. (I'll post links if they put the video online.)

Here's how it went, with pics. :)

Things went amazingly well, especially considering that we just started getting organized on Sunday evening. I'd spent all day yesterday contacting local media and was feeling a little depressed that no one called me back, but decided to go for it anyway.

I knew that things were looking up when I heard 610 WTVN mention the nurse-in during their news break while I was driving to the airport. Then I arrived and found a reporter and a photographer from The Columbus Dispatch waiting for us. Within moments of starting to speak with the Dispatch reporter, the Channel 10 (CBS) news crew showed up...followed by a news crew from Channel 4 (NBC) and a photographer from the Associated Press. Better still, we ended up with 12 nursing mothers (most from the AP Village forum here in Columbus) and 18 children gathered from about 10am to around 11:30am.

Overall, it went very, very well. I was the first to arrive, which was good since I needed to unload two kids and the media kits. As I was doing so, the Dispatch reporter came over to interview me. He asked quite a few questions including how I got involved, why I was there for the rally, how I felt about the Delta issue and so on. While he was speaking with me a representative from the airport showed up. I introduced myself, shook hands with her and assured her that we weren't there to cause any trouble and that we'd be staying back against the wall and out of the flow of pedestrians.

That's when she told me that the airport requires a "permit" for any protest and that I'd need to file the proper paperwork and then wait the 24-48 hours for things to be approved. "We'd like you to leave" she said.

I looked at her and replied "Well, we're not here to protest. We're simply gathering on CITY property to LEGALLY breastfeed our children in a show of support for nursing moms. We will NOT be leaving, but we also won't be doing anything to cause problems."

She looked at me, she looked at the reporter standing there listening.

"Well, how long will you be here?"

"I expect for about an hour or two."

No response. She simply walked off. ;) She then proceeded to hover about 25 feet away for more than an hour, shooting us not very happy looks. But...she didn't make a scene nor did she try to call the cops.

I have to think that the four news crews standing there with us might have had something to do with that.

Ultimately, NBC and CBS each interviewed several moms and the reporters and photographers took TONS of pictures. The CBS and Dispatch reporters (both men) were exceedingly pleasant and stuck around for quite awhile making conversation and asking questions. The NBC reporter (a woman) was nice enough while interviewing us, but one mom saw her roll her eyes as she and her camera man finally walked away.

The story ran on the noon CBS news, though I haven't seen it yet. It's also up as a "breaking story" on the Dispatch site, but I expect the full version will show up tomorrow. I'll be sure to post updates and links as I find them. In the meantime, here are a ew pictures taking by me and by Rachel of the AP Village forum. I expect to have more photos to post later.

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Being a Lactivist

Posted on 2006.11.20 at 15:04
Most people that know me know that I'm a big supporter of breastfeeding. I exclusively pumped breastmilk for 14 months for my oldest daughter and am currently nursing my 7 week old son. I've also been actively involved in donating to and promoting our local milk bank. I even run a blog aimed at educating people about breastfeeding and milk banking.

But this week things took a step up. As of tomorrow, I will officially be a "lactivist." I've spent the past two days organizing a local group of moms to take part in the Columbus version of a national "Nurse-In" against Delta Airlines. Moms across the country will be gathering in front of Delta ticket counters to peacefully, but poignantly make a point by nursing their children en masse.


Because a few weeks ago on a Freedom Airlines/Delta flight, a mother was actually KICKED OFF the plane while it was at the gate because she was nursing her daughter and refused to cover up with a blanket. That's right, kicked off.

No matter that in Vermont (where the flight was) a woman has the PROTECTED legal right to breastfeed her child in any location that the mother is otherwise authorized to be. No matter that the mom was sitting in the second to the last row of the plane in a window seat with her husband in the aisle seat. No matter that the ONLY person on the plane that had a problem with it was the flight attendant...the mom and her family were removed from the flight simply because the mom refused to make her child eat under a disgustingly germy airline blanket.

Freedom Airlines and Delta Airlines spent the next few days issuing statements to the effect of:

"Moms are welcome to breastfeed on our flights, though they may be asked to cover up with a blanket. The woman was offered a blanket, she refused."


"Yes, we may ask you to cover your child up with a blanket...if that causes a problem, may we suggest that you bring a bottle with you?"

Finally, after more than a week of negative press and publicity, the company issued a Clinton-like mea culpa that blamed the entire incident on a "young and inexperienced" flight attendant. No personal apology has been issued to the mother herself.

So, in a show of support, myself and more than a dozen (starting to look like more than two dozen) other Columbus moms and moms-to-be are heading to Port Columbus tomorrow at 10am to meet up and to nurse our children.

I've never practiced civil disobedience before. Should be fun. ;)

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Whoa. Final Destination Anyone?

Posted on 2006.11.17 at 13:58
This is just...well...weird.


A 68-year-old man who almost accompanied Cory Lidle on his fatal flight in New York City last month died in a plane crash in California on Tuesday.

According to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Bob Cartwright, whose friend and personal pilot died in the plane crash that also killed the New York Yankees pitcher, and two other men died when their private plane crashed into the shoreline of Big Bear Lake, near Cartwright's mountain home in Sugarloaf, Calif.

Some strange example of "fate" making sure he didn't miss his time to die, or just a bad example of a guy that's friends with some pretty bad pilots?

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Nothing says I love you to a child...

Posted on 2006.11.16 at 10:48
...like finding out your parents sued the GYN for child support because you were born...


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